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Musician. Bass Player. Composer. Educator


"Whether it be jazz or any extension or form of rhythm based music, it is my duty as a jazz musician to assert and commend a threshold of keeping a foot in the past and future; to always factor dance and groove; to commend the tradition of infinite expression and unification in the essence of love and music, as I work to reflect what the masters have sacrificed for.”

Stanley Ruvinov is a bassist and musician from Bellevue, Washington. He was born into a life of music, beginning his studies on the cello at age 7. In his teenage years, he found a love of the bass, and began his contrabass studies, shortly discovering the art of jazz. In high school, he picked up the upright at 15, almost immediately he participated in various State Solo and Ensemble Competitions and was selected as a first Alternative in 2012. Next year his high school band placed first in the Reno Jazz Festival; Stanley was awarded Soloist Awards both year Interlake High School Participated in 2013 and 2014.  Stanley was also a participant of Seattle Youth Symphony as well as a consistent participant of Centrum Jazz Workshop for many years. In the summer of 2019 he has selected as one of 19 participants in the Jazz Aspen Workshop in Aspen, Colorado. He earned a Baccalaureate Degree in Jazz Studies and Performance from Michigan State University the same year, studying with renown bassist Rodney Whitaker. In addition, Stanley has had the opportunity to perform and study with Randy Napoleon, Xavier Davis, Diego Rivera, Michael Dease and Randy Gillespie. As well Justin Faulkner and Tim Warfield. Prior to Michigan State has studied with the Principal Chair of Seattle Symphony Jordan Anderson, and Jon Hamar who is the recent Chair of the Bass Department at the University of Tennessee. Stanley is currently pursuing a masters at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Aside from his education,


Stanley has been playing professionally around the Greater Seattle area since he was 15. He has played in recognized venues such as Tula’s and the Royal Room, working as an on-demand sideman on the scene, as well as traveling and sharing his talents with audiences across the nation. 

Stanley gives his most humble thanks and appreciation for all his past and current mentors in guiding his musical journey.

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